Add Striking Features to Your Yard

Add Striking Features to Your Yard

Highlight your flower beds with landscape curbing in St. George, UT

Does mulch from your flower beds spill out into your yard every time it rains? Do you want to add more definition and design to your property? If so, talk to the experts at Kustom Curb about landscape curbing. We provide landscape curbing installation services for businesses and homeowners in the St. George, UT area.

With decades of experience, the team at Kustom Curb can custom design your curbing to fit your landscaping design. Ask us about:

  • Color curbs
  • Stamped finish curbs
  • Aggregate finish curbs

Whether your landscaping beds curve or follow a straight line, Kustom Curb can install the perfect curbing. Get a free estimate on our curbing installation services by calling us at 435-680-5009 today.

Discover the benefits of landscape curbing

When you want to keep your yard looking pristine, it's essential to install landscape curbing. Choose Kustom Curb to install your landscape curbing because it:

  • Makes it easier to mow your yard with a riding lawn mower
  • Gives definition to your beds and islands
  • Keeps the mulch in place and your grass from growing into your flower bed

Upgrade the look and function of your property in St. George, UT today-set up landscape curbing installation services right away.